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The following summary is from user beastriker from

EP001 Video Hint: "Harold X. Glenndenning" -> [Video]

EP002 PizzaPizza Ad: [Video] Video Hint: "Omphalos66" -> -> Hidden Link: Next place: "66 Havelock Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada"

EP003 QR Code: -> Hidden link: [Video]

EP004 PizzaPizza Ad: [Video] Video Hint: "EEEF589M10086" -> -> Next place: "831 Broadview Ave. Toronto, Ontario" [Guidestone Hint]

EP005 Video Hint: "Church sign letters" -> First Guidestone: AMORC Guidestone Hint: Maynard Glass ->

EP006 Video Hint: "ISBN" -> Second Guidestone: 0-553-07180-89 Next place: "44 Hurontario St. Collingwood, Ontario" [Guidestone Hint]

EP007 PizzaPizza Ad: [Video]

EP008 Video Hint: "Cornerstone" -> Third Guidestone: mcmxiv Guidestone Hint: 34.10984141539698, -82.86548495292664 -> Next place: "Regions Bank, 125 Heard Street, Elberton, GA 30635, United States"

EP009 no hints, storyline

EP010 Video Hint: "The book holds the key" -> storyline

EP011 Video Hint: "Sanders Road Hartwell Highway" -> Next place: "Hartwell Hwy & Sanders Rd, Coldwater Creek, GA 30635"

EP012 no hints, storyline

EP013 Video Hint: "R.C. Christian" -> -> Hidden link: -> Hidden link: [Video]

EP014 Video Hint: "Georgia Tech, Sideways" -> Next place

EP015 Video Hint: "Annum Expiry" -> Fourth Guidestone: 1947 Guidestone Hint: "Gloria K Cuthbert" ->

EP016 PizzaPizza Ad: [Video] Next place: "711 E Victory Drive, Savannah, Georgia"

EP017 no hints, storyline T.A. Hint: "the nursing fundraising association of georgia" -> -> Next place: "301 W 40th St. Savannah, GA 31401"

EP018 no hints, storyline

EP019 Video Hint: "Crucifraction's channel" -> (Gloria K. Cuthbert's Youtube) [Videos] Youtube contents: Harold X. Glenndennings Wife: Jacqueline Glenndenning (death by poison) [no results on google] -> Hint: "Jacqueline's chart reveales the truth" -> ?

EP020 QR-Code: [Video]

EP021 Video Hint: "It's all elemental" -> Fifth Guidestone: thorium 232 Guidestone Hint: -> -> Hidden link: Next place: "495 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo NY 14212"

EP022 Video Hint: "" -> -> Hidden link: -> (was mentioned by Maynard Glass in EP008) source code content: (Jacqueline's chart?)

EP023 Video Hint: "It's all greek" & "Νωε" -> Sixth Guidestone: Noah Guidestone Hint: [found it in EP022] T.A. Hint:

EP024 Video Hint: "Friedrich Tinner" ->

EP025 Video Hint: "BKXL-006" -> -> -> [Video] -> Youtube Hint: "Rajesh Tarsem Rai" [Sandys father] -> T.A. Hint:

EP026 Video Hint: "" -> found it in EP025

EP027 Video Hint: "Rajesh Tarsem Rai" -> found it in EP025

EP028 Video Hint: a song is played -> -> Hidden link: -> E-mail content: [found it in EP022] T.A. Hint:

EP029 PizzaPizza Ad: [Video] Video Hint: "" [Travors E-Mail] Video Hint: "Z3a29aa55 Nn247839Q QX2224gX RTY99832J" -> -> -> -> -> Next place: "24, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057"

EP030 no hints, storyline

EP031 no hints, storyline

EP032 Video Hint: "RTY99832J" -> found it in EP029

EP033 Video Hint: "Agent Roscoe" -> storyline

EP034 QR Code: [Videos] -> Next place: "6 Hailey Rd. Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi, India"

EP035 Video Hint: "JG818675" -> -> Map Hint: "28.530921, 77.459106" -> Next place: "Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India"

EP036 Video Hint: "Serial Number" & "GGZ567821" -> [leads to the Application page] -> Seventh Guidestone: GGZ567821 Guidestone Hint: -> -> One different photo: 17°42’44.94"N, 88°07’26.77"E -> Next place: "Bengal Bay, India"

EP037 QR Code: -> storyline

EP038 no hints, storyline

EP039 QR Code: http://K589G.COM [Video]

EP040 Next place: "City Hall, Toronto, Canada"

EP041 Video Hint: "12:12" and "Time" -> Final Guidestone: "12:12" Guidestone Hint: -> [Videos] (have no time now to check the videos, will check them later)

--Tom Stevenson 17:07, 15 March 2012 (EDT)

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