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Requesting Firewall rules.

Firewall rules now have the following seven fields (The first six are required, and the seventh is optional):

Firewall fields
Type Value
Source IP addresses or networks that are typically a client or running client software
Destination IP addresses or networks that are typically a server or running server software
Application Program that is being acted on, such as HTTP, FTP, Oracle, etc.
Protocol Network protocol, such as TCP, UDP or ICMP
Port Network port number(s) used for the TCP and UDP protocols
Justification Business case or reason for requesting such exemption
Other Details Any additional details (Optional)
Firewall form fields from TechSolutions

Please provide firewall information using the following criteria:

  • Provide the first six fields (see above) in all firewall rule requests. Only the seventh field is optional.
  • For Source and Destination fields, always inclued both the IP address and the DNS name (when available). This helps reduce errors.
  • Do not combine multiple firewall rules into one definition.
  • For Linux servers, firewall rules are required even if servers are on the same network.
  • An individual firewall request (a Tech Solutions ticket) can include multiple firewall definitions, as long as each definition is listed separately in the ticket.

--Tom Stevenson (talk) 16:01, 19 August 2015 (EDT)

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